Sunday, April 26, 2009

Great News!

I got my first rejection letter, which is now nailed proudly to my wall next to my computer. I know what you're thinking,

Jeromy, that sounds like terrible news!,

But you're wrong. First, rejections are part of the biz. To be rejected is sublime. It means I'm moving forward. I've been rejected, and despite being a tiny bit disappointed, as would be expected, I find that I am still here, and still confident that my time will come. Second, they actually commented on my rejection (which I hear only happens when they see promise). They ended the e-mail by asking to see more in the future.

So here I sit, after spending two hours finding another magazine to submit the piece to, feeling pretty good.

So, come join me on the rejection bandwagon, we'll have a cigarette, a few Irish car bombs, and rehash some old disappointments.


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