Monday, July 26, 2010

6 and 7 with script


Police cars dot the lawn of the expansive grounds of the Wellington mansion Their lights cast the walls in haunting hues. The first signs of dawn can be seen in the sky.

Inside, detective kite watches on as a CSI team works the crime scene. He looks completely out of place in his button up shirt, jean jacket, and cowboy boots. A pair of Aviator sunglasses hangs from the breast pocket of his jacket. Maxwell, the other detective assigned to the case stands at his side; pristine in a size double XL suit. Maxwell holds a cup of coffee. A pistol and badge are clipped to each man's belt.

Mid shot of Kite as he lights a cigarette from a pack of Nailcoffin brand cigarettes.


You can't smoke in here.


He doesn't mind... He's dead.

Maxwell wafts the air as he stairs at Kite who is in the middle of a long exhalation of smoke.


Thought you smoked those faggy long cigarettes?


Trying to quit... and if you use that word again I'll shoot you. It's offensive.

Page 7

Maxwell motions towards the corpse. Two of the CSI men kneel by the corpse. one holds a camera up in front of him.


Fine. Maid discovered the body. She's gone a tad wonky.

The second CSI approaches the two men. He's holding a clipboard that he studies as he speaks.


What do we have?


Three to the head, two to the chest. Good sized gun by whats left of him. You know who this guy is?

Close on Kite as he ticks off what he knows on his fingers. He points at his ring finger.


Samuel Wellington? C.E.O. of the Snapp-E-Freeze refrigeration company. Investor in about every major start up in Seattle, including Ahab's...

Kite motions to Maxwell's coffee as he continues. Maxwell stairs at the cup.


... Probably the most important man to hold a standing res at Canlis.

Kite kneels next to the body. Maxwell and the CSI hover behind him.


You guys finished here?


Like Shyamalan's career.

Tight on Kite and Maxwell as Kite dips one finger into the black substance with a grimace. Maxwell is now kneeling next to him.


You thinking what I am?


Bit over the top for a professional, isn't it?


Depends on what was paid for.

Stay tuned for more pages with script excerpts.

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