Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Still working with the cover design. Headed toward a more pop art feel to vibe more with what the colorist (Jakob Darq) will do with it.

On a personal note... If you ever walk into a convenience store and see that it is nice and clean, as well as well stocked, an there is only one employee on, realize that that employee works to keep it that way... a lot. If said employee is standing behind the counter eagerly awaiting your arrival it is not because he/she has nothing better to do. It's because he/she is

A) providing excellent customer service by making sure you do not have to wait when you reach the counter...

B) making sure you don't stuff your pockets full of Skittles and Ho-ho's (before you say, "but I'm wearing a suit and tie!" yeah, they steal too... Butt holes)

So, if you then proceed to spend the next fifteen plus minutes talking on the phone, re-acquainting yourself with an old friend, scratching lottery tickets, or staring at the chip display to decide between crunchy or puffy cheet-os, you are probably a douche hammer.

If there is more then one employee on staff all bets are off.

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